My Story

I am a wife, mother to 4 talented, spectacular kids, mother in law to 2 beautiful young women and grandmother to one of the sweetest boys around. It is all of these amazing people in my life that drives my passion for many things that I love to do. I enjoy gardening, sewing, cooking and all types of DIY projects! In all that I do pursuing a pure and organic way of living is one of my number one priorities. I feel this is important not just for myself but for those in my life. This way of living is part of my heritage and I love that I have grown up with a rural background that has taught me how to be respectful to the earth as well as how to use it in its purest form. All of these things I have learned and are so passionate about is what has made me want to create “Kara Joy Living”, because what I share and do is truly the joy of my life!