Breakfast Burritos


2 Medium potatoes – diced
1 medium onion – diced
1 olive oil
1 4oz can diced green chile
1 16oz pkg. Jimmy Dean Sausage or other favorite breakfast sausage
12 eggs
1 16oz pkg. Mexican blend shredded cheese
salt pepper or other seasoning for eggs
12 flour tortilla


Brown sausage in skillet – pour in large bowl
Pour olive oil in skillet and wait for it get hot
Put diced onion and potato in hot oil and cook till onion is translucent and potato is soft
Pour potato, onion, in bowl with sausage
Crack eggs in separate bowl and mix together; add seasoning to eggs
Pour eggs in skillet (can melt some butter in skillet before adding eggs to help with not sticking or spray pan with no stick spray)
Cook eggs, just as finishing up add green chile from can and stir in eggs
Pour eggs in sausage and potato mixture and mix together.
Warm flour tortillas up slightly in microwave by putting damp paper towel on bottom and top of flour tortillas in the microwave; warm for about 45 – 60 seconds
Take warm flour tortillas spoon filling into flour tortilla in the middle and top with cheese
Roll flour tortillas up