Quick Curtain


This weekend my daughter Hannah moved into her dorm and I got to help her set it all up and get moved in. She has a large window in her room and wanted something to make it look a little more homey and warm. So I helped her throw together a quick window treatment that would work great for anyone.

We took a blanket and at the top of the window was an actual wood strip that the blinds were attached to. I attached the blanket sideways to the wood strip. Since the blanket was a little larger than the window I made a pleat on the sides to make it actually fit the window.

Next I took some yarn and braided it into long strips. I attached a braided strip at the front and back of the blanket about 24" in at each side (this would vary based on the size of your window).

Now your window treatment is done! All she has to do to raise it is to tie and slide the tie part of the braided string higher or lower.

This added so much color and warmth to her room. She then placed all her potted herbs on the window ledge.

Sometimes just metal blinds can make a room look so cold, all it needs is a little color on the window to warm it up. If you don't want to use a blanket like we did for Hannah you can also do this with a piece of fabric. If you don't sew and know how to hem the edges just use a fabric glue to give it a finished look on the fabric before hanging it.

Kara Grant