Make Your Own Wall Tapestry


When my daughter-in-law found out she was pregnant with our grandson she wanted a cute southwest theme for the nursery. She showed me a wall painted with spray of cactus on it. The only problem was that the house they were living in was rented. So I suggested make a large wall tapestry that looked like the wall painting.

The question now was what to use to create this tapestry on. My first thought was a large sheet. However I felt the smooth finish of the sheet would not give the look she wanted. As I contemplated what to paint the tapestry on I went into Home Depot and saw the large canvas drop clothes. I knew this would be the perfect “canvas” for the wall tapestry.

I then got my mom to help me paint it. She is the queen at painting and knowing how to mix paints. We actually only used 3 paint colors to create the cactus. I used black, yellow and cream to make the spikes. In a plate I combined the black and yellow and with a medium brissle brush made various sizes of circles to make the cactus look as though they were “floating” on top of each other. Once the tapestry was filled with an assortment of cactus ovals I came back and used a smaller tapered brush to make the spikes on the cactus.


This is a close up of the cactus. The roughness of the canvas and the circular motion creates the cactus on the dropcloth

Kara Grant